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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain are. you going to be farming magazine. long d. w. . is going to win it's all in russia today's kickoff world cup countdown continues
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with group g. and with england we have to wonder will this summer the end of fifty two years of good question how far can england make it on the sixteen i think that's that's more than an all time why don't all the brits just play together with scotland wiles and northern ireland. imagine an international football team of the frontline of garrison style current time and will great and make cambridge tells us why he is english up there oh. but we've got germans today japanese and german japanese who should make it so right for this summer. course those are the. let's get things started with all that's me hungry jane.
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taking a trip back in time to nine hundred ninety six when the old wembley still stood here and england hosted the european championship. in their iconic tournament and david baddiel and frank skinner sang about it. and when england made it through to the semifinal it looked as though the white for a first trophy since the sixty six world cup could be over. but we all know what happened next germany's revenge for sixty six down south they missed. the therapy to be chicken pizza obviously. and eventually became a month ago. so now more than two decades on england is still
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waiting. but will it happen again russia twenty eight c. will this summer the end of fifty two years of let's find out. the three lions have one of the tournament favorites in group g. belgium along with central americans woke up dead beats on panama and north african side to musea. it might be a country where football was born but for over half a century kids here have been growing up without seeing that same win anything so how does that feel and i can tell you that between all the penalty shootout losses the hands of god and the embarrassing defeats it just hurts too much so i asked some friends to tell me if there's any reason to still be optimistic take it away. when i mistook it i guess my name is rob davis i work for scott olds i am
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a gallery manager and freelance journalist but i'm from over last night's fifty two years now been supporting england all my life so thirteen years mom says that when the winning goal went in on the final goal in the world cup final everyone jumped in train them i jumped out my car i think as an england fan when you were my age in the light six more early seventies not to get into football you had a you had a high expectation but we know what i had sort of disappointments in seven in seventy four stuff that i kind of brought your expectations then automatically my heart as a fan would have been it's really not you got to see the same in the camaraderie among my fans was absolutely fantastic. as we're going to mention you think we're going to start badly in the bridge site got better got better got better and then both tomcat scored that goal to get there with your kind of think this might be easy going to be out on but it wasn't just. the high point
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was probably again france not yeah i really felt like we could do well michael owen it is very best share up front and. always go against argentina is one of my favorite for many races what is my earliest obviously thought we were going to win it didn't happen and then from there on it was just a gradual spiral word disappointment i guess that it's almost like a low point there isn't one specific hung i can mention you know there's too many to mention. i hope it is going to southgate at this thought that by just bluff the kids bring the kids in. to get the kids in charge of the experience next time around. i think you need to choose the best team that we have at that moment whether that is someone who's thirty five or someone he's sixteen seventeen years of age or whatever the best players are at that time of the play. as the need to go to the plate. shows that we have
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a set of real hard working players we have quality as well the hurricane is the focal point. steady alley. we could do well wrecking stylings playing well rush for. a forward line looks pretty good and that's half the battle i think you know where we're sure in in defense and you know off the perch situation is still an issue. really if you can't beat panama into his year then. it's a group that we should get through obviously my prediction for him of the world cup oversight quarterfinals. not with those sort of massive expectations on them or something could be going to go with it because response by some of these and from one of the free friendlies but the good impression i think we're going in there on the rights of the sixteen i think that's that's more than enough out of sight for us to say nice would be out something three gold. the way i see it will be lucky to make the quarter finals and you know what that's ok a lifetime of
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never really getting any further than that has taught me to enjoy it anyway there's one thing i ask please no more of this. to that minority of england fans who seem to take pleasure in turning host cities into war zones please stop giving giving us all a bad name for a long long time. so that's england but what about the things they're facing in the great to talk about that across town to another stadium. this one stamford bridge because it's here that the belgian captain played his football there are a few players in the world who could rival eight and i was up for sensational dribbling he's not the only belgian at chelsea. is the man between the sticks for both sides. they aren't alone as premier league stars in the belgium squad in fact
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they can hardly be two teams in football they know each other as well as england and the red devils just look at chelsea's london rivals top. they have two of belgium center hobson young for the all the world class midfield in force. and we can just as easily be doing the belgium section from manchester except our budget didn't cover the trade. since joining manchester city given the broiler has become one of the best players in the world while teammate vincent kompany has just won his third premier league title. across the city united's romelu lukaku is belgium's all time top scorer at the age of twenty four and has also not ruled for lightning. so we could see belgium first eleven with seven right premier league players and a couple more coming off the bench who knowing their enemy help england stop belgium in their tracks although they just make a. another painful summer then fans watching their team get beaten by
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a team that was made in england. in any case the real question for belgium is can this golden generation finally shake off near achieve it. i'm going to say no. talent i don't see this belgium team beating the likes of france or brazil like with england another some of the frustration is in store. at least england of what it wants so. the good news for belgium is that whatever happens in the match between them they shouldn't have too much trouble the other side's in group g. two countries who have never made it past the group stage at a world cup in fact i never even qualify for a world cup of. gold from roman torres against costa rica in the final qualifier secured panama's place at their maiden world. it was a huge moment for the nation finally qualifying for the world cup the eleventh attempt that puts england's woes into perspective but since then their preparations
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have been going well. recently friendlies against denmark in switzerland conceding seven and scoring. anything can happen in football but panama winning a game at russia twenty eight would be a giant achievement and the same could be said for. the country might be set for its fifth appearance at a world cup but the team has only one wants in twelve games. it is very first world cup match against mexico way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight since then its full t.v. is of. frankly what i'm saying is even england can screw up this group. they still wouldn't go on picking belgium to finish first. ahead of southgate site. i'm
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back in panama to get a win at the first ever world cup to finish third ahead of tunisia. and then might not end fifteen years of hurt in russia but most fans would be happy with a performance reminiscent of nine hundred ninety six a combination of passion hard work and more than a few goals in mind to be a trophy but it would be something to be proud of and join me next time for the final. what. we waited for years but now it's finally here. it's finally a world cup time again. get you world cup ready. all you really wanted to know about russia twenty eight sitting right here. into the details so who are the biggest players what are the biggest stories but not just from the office we've traveled across the world to answer your questions and missy during
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this time. there. what do you think is going to work. fly around the world and bland in russia to track germany's golden voice with chico . to be keeping a special high on team germany. let's do it let's get the cup again. which you know was lunch. they seem nice for my dear four hundred. school favorite during the world cup so it's good to subscribe to kickoff you keep all of our woke up to. see nations will take part in the world cup so why doesn't anybody play as part of a unified scene great britain let's ask our experts and mccambridge. imagine in. the national football team is the front line of gary's battle hurricane
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and will freak i'm not doing that well great thing. is you know i don't want to do it if humiliate me and a lot of a lot of people respect me. griggs all five. britain has an off policy when it comes to sports it has a combined combined rugby team even combined. so have you ever wondered why england scotland northern ireland and wales have separate football teams we did a quick google. think it was super sleuth dude if i'm right you all have to buy me a beer and you will. according to super still do this because players are too shy to get into a combined great british team that's not the case even if it is true the real reason great britain has four separate football teams it's all to do with timing football as we know it was invented in england in the mid nineteenth century with
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the first international match being played in eight hundred seventy two england against scotland in glasgow and. how exciting. but it's one thing for came along in ninety nine for england scotland ireland and wales had only been playing each other in tournament for twenty years they were deemed too well established to combine over the next one hundred and fourteen years these four proud footballing nations won one world cup between them is not very good but there have been times that great britain has played together nine hundred forty seven is match of the century for example a british eleven featuring stanley matthews against the european eleven the game up twenty seven years and two world wars since the four nations were parts of the game ended six one to britain we must be good together at the olympic games in twenty twelve in london a great british team competed for the first time in more than fifty years for a gold medal the team was kept in by walsh when rowing digs in the squad featured
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daniel sturridge craig bellamy and the welsh himself but the team didn't feature any scots or northern irishman and guess how we went out in the quarter finals on penalties the good news is we didn't lose to germany but uses. at the twenty six think games in rio great britain thin and so it seems scotland wales and northern ireland didn't fancy joining england over. the radar. so would you guys like to see a cold war and great riches levon at the next olympic games in tokyo twenty twenty just imagine it gareth by zero hurricane and well craig seen it. it's not all about england some fans are more than one nationality like nicole. hi i'm a coach or not nikita or an acquittal we could all the names from to cab just like him my jets series again filming with his film and that's my mom but typical german
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as you can see they say the world cup is coming up and that all fans want their home country to him. what does that mean for me should i root for japan or germany. tough question since i live in germany and don't really know much about japan i have to do some research on japan. we want to check out japan and the football there japan or germany which team should i support. some who are would top your colorful low chinese grades now where's the football here this week first dive into an underground bunker shot up a sales japan was originally a baseball country and football used to be played in black and whites on paper money like you. next month that brings me
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here to check out the virtual sight of football in a gaming hall where we could have spent the whole trip they've got plenty of buttons here oh man i love buttons wait is there any actual for. yeah. you can tell japan is excited for the world cup to finally of all the true heroes the blue some overnight. keep it all being torn off probably even here i went to meet john cabot he sits high up in the sky like he's a famous commentator covering the blue summer games for the upcoming so happy that's what makes it so exciting for you. it's going to be the do or die game hopefully we will do and go to the round of sixteen and maybe face england isn't that going to be fascinating.
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i'm not so sure is it. and should i even believe this guy i'm more interested in the blue summarize chances in the tournament. it's going to be a tough one for japan. as you know the coach was fired i know i know i heard that already somehow this is all making me very tired we have a new japanese coach. being japanese and being. the best actually coach of jamie winning more games than any other coaches in the history of daily so i believe. he's the man who else could it be i'm not sure if i'm really so i'll ask him about your parents frank we have the south american technique probably not do we have the strength and. you know the muscular power of
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the europeans probably not but as you can see how mexicans have been successful in the past tournaments size doesn't matter so it's a determination. we have it doesn't matter. to me ok. japan or germany challenge number one food first. i'm not really my thing and germany oh hello hello hello hello both of them always good german if you put it up one you. can't. he's a sports journalist from. i'm pretty sure he even was everything about football before chanting he shows me the coolest pitch in the city on the roof. i haven't
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seen much in my young life but i know that was something special but what can i get something i need to know who's going to be lining up for the new summer right. now. i'm sure. everybody who talks about i believe he's the best. now going to go. it's going to.
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be. so it's a lot of. pretty. sure but you know the one of. i'm. going to do them all thankfully go through a lot of. our trip we move on to sites i'm not sure how much except my dad's diamonds from this place they're always up and the j.b. and i especially proud of one player he was born here and grew up with the red sox but she can't i know him already since he plays in germany. his parents invited me over to hang up when somebody is a story about his son and it's not for me. to . know. that he did it. because i think you.
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are. well. that's a. that's going to. be interested to. know. all right then challenge number two. can you step stands for and mom for germany where is the dark had it that well besides all this. say it's headed towards germany but mom is messing with the dog so no one's getting a point this time i'd say afterwards we do something really clever and we had to training watching the rats was my first two taste of the genie.
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and then a dream comes true i get to meet one of these bodies and the player himself now. he engaged to be a close friend so he seems like a nice guy. but it's. more what i was you know i thought that he might not that i must be. part of the show. not that. sure i agree i'm pretty sure if he said i'm a few. i think so he. said he we had to keep going. to our next stop is for. i've been told the people there are crazy football crazy japanese football was supposedly born here and twenty national team players come from here one of them is the captain my cultural has a bit and here in
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a little sporting goods store i ran into a buddy of his. school education such as the crew for clothes shop is filled with nice collectibles great stuff related to resist new design make a difference and russia. for the form of a single hard study. good luck to see. what's this thing don't people usually kissing it just like tim ford. in the end he's got to clear. the air with you moved in and. when you pull over you but you can. take the final challenge let's settle this on the pitch i try to play football even though i can't even walk but let me give it
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a go anyway and there it is gold for japan what was above them. but even in japan there is a reminder of how great germany is because germany's best ambassador plays right into this stadium for this local but guess who rides could be the legendary lucas put odds. on germany players and here he is smiling at me play he as an expert of both countries who am i supposed to root for. the boys closer to. what a calming life is good for our stuff some of those used by about put your microphone from the shadows on the front of my goats and so on the boredom back would pull you up on my back all. the poland's and other countries to worry about how exhausting. so
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a lot well i do. our trip is over and top i once to know if i made up my mind to love japan i like the people here in this jewelry especially the food but everything except maybe the food. i find both jewish these cool blue and white as long as both my countries are in. each other i'm five both of them boring too bad for you and for the sitemap.
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